The choice between pavers or concrete is a big decision.  Many factors are involved when choosing between the two.  One main factor is price.  Concrete and stamped concrete are far cheaper than pavers, in the beginning.  But down the road, concrete can be far more expensive.  Once concrete cracks, sinks, or heaves, there is no easy fix.  It has to be eventually torn out which costs much more than tearing out pavers.

In cold climates, the ground moves when it freezes.  That causes things above ground to move slightly too.  And over time, a crack can occur with repeated freezing and thawing.  The beauty of pavers is that they can move with the ground.  I have seen a paver patio raise about 6 inches high in the winter and when the weather warmed up, it went right back down into place.  Now in this situation, something is definitely going on under ground but because they had pavers and not concrete, the damage was minimal and almost non-existent.

On average, pavers are more per square foot that concrete.  Unilock pavers can range from $16-$28 per square foot, installed by a professional company.  Now a “weekend warrior” or “handyman” with no overhead, insurance, workers comp insurance or employees to pay, will obviously be much lower in price.  But hiring a professional who is a Unilock Authorized Contractor with references and pictures of their work is worth the extra money.  Every week I see more and more paver patios that were installed with the wrong techniques but were cheaper at installation than other companies.  Just do your research and ask questions before making your decision on who to hire.

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