Spring is right around the corner for most of us (we promise). Before long spring will be here and the yard work to-do list will start growing. No better time than to get prepared. Whether you are a seasoned yard-warrior or just getting started we have a Top Ten list of tools everyone needs for landscaping work. Let’s dig in.

The humble shovel, a versatile tool that you will be reaching for more often that you think. There are a number of types of shovels but what we are suggesting everyone have is a spade shovel. Digging can be tough, make it easier with the right tool. We recommend one that has a steel plate and wide step surface at the top, giving you the option to add a little more weight if needed. A good shovel should last you a long time, just be sure to give it a sharpening every so often.

Working smarter, not harder could be a theme for just about every one of the tools on this list but the wheelbarrow is a must. Versatile in that you can not only move lots of dirt but also use it to carry your tools and needed items to the work site. We will leave it to your budget for you to decide on which one to buy, but look for a solid build, a rubber wheel and comfortable hand grips.

A lot of people think of this one as a luxury. While not every homeowner may need one, those that do can’t live without them. If you have a medium to large yard or walkway a cordless blower can make easy work of leaf clearing or yard cleanup. Go for the cordless model if you have the budget, the mobility can’t be beat.

String Trimmer
Edging and trimming are made much easier with a good string trimmer. They have become the a staple for the weekend yard-warrior and really come in handy when you want your yard to have the fit and finish of well maintained property. We recommend a cordless trimmer for the convenience but depending on the size of your yard a corded option can save you a few bucks.

A good pair of hand pruners are great for shrub and small tree maintenance. Left unchecked these can get out of hand. Tame your growth with some surgical pruning. You are looking for a good sharp pruner with comfortable hand grips.

What may seem like a luxury is a must. Using gloves will keep your hands safe and allow you to work longer without creating callouses. There are lots of styles but we like ones that have some no-slip grip added in and are made with breathable fabrics. Just be sure to get a pair that is sized correctly to your hands.

Garden Hose
There is nothing more frustrating than a hose that always kinks. Spend the extra money and get a quality hose and save your sanity. They come in various lengths, a 50 foot hose should be a good start for most people. We like ones that have heavy-duty nickel or brass plated couplings.

An often overlooked tool, but really can be the swiss army knife of gardening. From digging to cutting away small branches and even weeding a trowel is often the tool you will reach for. Look for a comfortable handle with saw blade on one side.

Garden Hoe
Another on the list that offers a lot of versatility. A hoe will give you longer reach and options for moving around soil, digging and other common yard work tasks. Look for a solid build, we prefer metal construction and a comfy grip.

A good rake works hand in hand with many of the tools on this list, especially when keeping your yard free of leaves and debris. They come in plastic and metal varieties. The metal ones will offer you more versatility but the you can’t go wrong with a well-made plastic one either.

Now that you have a good base of tools to get started be sure to maintain them and store them away from the elements. No matter how well built the tool, it needs to be maintained and protected from unneeded exposure to snow and rain. A small toolshed is convenient but simply bringing them indoors when not being used can go a long way.

Of course if you decide that you are not the DIY type, Tab Property Enhancement is here for you. While we offer landscaping and hardscaping services we are also happy to make referrals on other services you may need.